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Ebooks by Mark Mikita

Years ago, my longtime student, Joe Hyams, who was a prolific author, batted around the idea of writing a book with me about the Filipino martial arts but after giving it a lot of thought, he came to the conclusion that no publisher would ever get behind a book that revealed the more brutal aspects of Kali, as we definitely intended to do, out of concern for their legal liability. With the advent of ebooks, that problem is solved.

For some time now, I have been working, on and off, admittedly, on two particular ebooks: one on Sumbrada and one on CuentadaTaking time away from writing to rebuild my website, which has long been in need of an update, I now intend to turn my full attention to completing those two ebooks. Additionally, as I am often asked about how I stay so lean, I'm working on another ebook with my friend and student Natasha Francis called The Mikita Diet.

You'll undoubtedly notice that there are a few other titles in the images shown above (click on them to see an enlarged view). Those are ideas I'll be diving into writing next. I show them now because I want your input. If there is a particular subject that you're interested in having me write about, please let me know in the request form below. If I get completely inundated with requests for the Sumbrada book, for example, I will put it at the front of the line and get it out to you that much sooner. On the other hand, if you have an interest that isn't touched upon in the ebook ideas shown, let me know what it is and I will put it out there for everyone on my mailing list to chime in. If I get an enthusiastic response, I will be more than happy to get right on it. The only secrets will be kept by the questions you don't ask, so please -- ask.

Below the request form, there's a form to join my mailing list. My objective is to establish a direct line of communication with those of you who, for whatever reason, are unable to train in my Los Angeles school but are interested in studying with me either by purchasing my ebooks or becoming a member of my online academy. You have my word that I'll never spam you or sell or allow access to your email by anyone else. So, please, join my mailing list and let's get to it.

Thanks! Message sent.

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