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Actor Preparation / Fight Choreography

Experienced in front of the camera as an actor and behind it as a fight choreographer, Guro Mark Mikita brings a wealth of insight and nuance to actors and actresses preparing for roles in film or television that involve heavy action.


Often tapped by film studios to help their star get the edge they need to convincingly portray a soldier, assassin, covert operative or any character pushed to violence, Mark has worked with the likes of Benico Del Toro, Dolph Lundgren and Steven Seagal. He's also worked with numerous up and coming actors and actresses either in preparing for a role or to create a dynamic action reel.

As a fight choreographer, realistic brutality with a profound emotional price is Mark's signature. Whether the characters are armed or unarmed, he endeavors to bring the director's vision of the story to life and move the narrative forward with the most potent action possible, all while keeping the actors and stunt performers as safe as humanly possible.

For more information or to engage Mark's services as a coach, consultant or choreographer, please leave a message.

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