Online Academy

With the increase in Internet bandwidth over the last few years, my more computer savvy students have been urging me to create an online academy as they tell me it's now a viable option for people who either cannot make time in their busy work schedules to attend my scheduled group classes or live too far away to be able to come and train with me directly. Add to that the extraordinary ease with which relatively high quality videos can now be shot on smart phones and there is really no reason for me not to start an online academy. So, this is the beginning.

I will be shooting and posting video lessons here on a regular, perhaps weekly basis. I also have the capacity to conduct webinars, so that's something I'll be exploring as well.


In my classes, I often say that while it is my job to provide instruction, it is the students' job to steal the information from me. By that, I mean that they should be very proactive in observing and inquiring to gain a complete understanding and make the art their own. The same goes for online instruction. Make your presence known to me (by joining my email list) and then ask questions or make requests (via the video/lesson request form) so that I can either teach a specific lesson or cover a particular subject of interest in depth.


Again, the only secrets will be kept by the questions you don't ask. It is my intention to create a library of instructional videos for your benefit. I look forward to hearing from you and expanding my horizons as a teacher.

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