Mastering SUMBRADA
Frequently Asked Questions about the Mastering SUMBRADA course
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A deep dive into Kali's counter-for-counter exercise.

Transcending the pervasive and ever-imprisoning 6-count box-pattern drills that are so often misrepresented as being Sumbrada, Guro Mark Mikita teaches the full expression of this pivotal exercise, devoid of any reliance whatsoever on repeating patterns, pre-set responses or numbered 'progressions.'


Done properly, Sumbrada is considered one of the essential pillars of Kali training.


Conceived to impart battle-proven skills that you can rely on to function in a terrifying situation where response time is reduced to almost zero, Sumbrada fairly forces the Kali practitioner to tighten their defensive structure, prioritize their positional and weapon-point relationships, and move in such a way as to effectively steal time from their opponent, all while strategically cutting off any viable escape routes.

Sumbrada is a masterpiece of intelligent design.


Done well – with an expert command of those critical skills that comprise the safety net – the ever-increasing speed of Sumbrada's rapid-fire exchanges can render the weapons nearly invisible. In that intense environment, understanding distance, time, the advantage of line, pressure zones, quadrant defense and how not to expose your flanks makes all the difference between skillfully dominating your opponent... or being dominated by them.

Alternatively, we can ratchet the speed way down and focus our attention on proper extension and trajectory in striking, correcting and shoring up our defenses so as not to allow the opponent's attacks to blow straight through, or keeping the gun platform properly aligned and your weapon in battery so your timing never lags, leaving you open to attacks.

And these are just the basics.

Ingeniously constructed, Sumbrada is meant to be expanded to train and pressure-test advanced skills, encompassing every weapon category and range, disarming and counter-disarming, and authoritative checking and counter-checking to decisively shut down the opponent's defenses and get to checkmate – all without ever dumbing down the practice by resorting to repeating patterns that only encourage complacency and inevitably imprison you.

In this online course – spanning 65 video lessons – Guro Mark Mikita illuminates the full scope of Sumbrada and zeroes in on the details of the details to make it not only readily accessible but also easy to understand.


In the midst of the seemingly overwhelming maelstrom of high-level, full-speed practice, Guro Mark reveals the brilliant simplicity of Sumbrada in the extraordinary smoothness and ease with which he pulls off the most advanced skills.

At its fully-realized apex, Sumbrada is about personal creativity and innovation. That's when the much-heralded 'flow' of Kali starts to mean something. It's not about performing memorized techniques, however impressively you may be able to do that. It is, all and only, about being fully present and actually creating techniques on the fly that solve the problem immediately in front of you – perfectly.


That's Sumbrada. That's Kali.


After all, Kali is complete but not finished... what will your contribution be?

Dan Inosanto, Burton Richardson & Mark M

"Early on in my training (1985), I was very fortunate to get paired up to work Sumbrada with Mark Mikita in a class at the Inosanto Academy.


It was an eye-opening experience as he was on a level far beyond any of the other students.


I remember being present when Mark was speaking with Guro Dan after class one evening. He was explaining how he personally looked at Sumbrada like a free-flowing conversation, where one practitioner makes a point or expresses an idea and the other responds, not by rote but spontaneously, in the moment.


Guro Dan lit up and exclaimed that he really liked that analogy.


Now, imagine where Mark’s level is today after the subsequent years of constantly pushing the envelope, as I know he has. This course should give you some idea and I highly recommend that you take it."

– Burton Richardson

JKD Unlimited

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Can I make payments to purchase the course?

Absolutely. When you click the LEARN MORE button here, you'll be taken to a page where you'll be able to see the titles of the 65 video lessons. When you click the BUY IT NOW button there, you'll be given the clear choice to either pay in one chunk or make payments.

Does your Mastering SUMBRADA course cover Punyo Sumbrada?


No. The focus of the course is intermediate-range Sumbrada.

Is the course basically just a compilation of scattered private lessons you've taught on Sumbrada?

No... although one (1) of the 65 video lessons is from a private lesson that took place during the two-week period in which we shot the course. The rest were shot exclusively for the Mastering SUMBRADA course.

Mastering SUMBRADA