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Zoom Classes

The pandemic shifted priorities for everyone everywhere and, with the metaphorical rug of normalcy suddenly yanked out from under all of us, the option of taking classes online very quickly went from being a seldom-used alternative to in-person training to being a primary avenue of learning.


With the advent of multiple, highly-effective vaccines and the now-declining transmission rates, Zoom classes remain a popular option for training, particularly since they negate any issues with distance. Indeed, prospective students living anywhere on the planet can now become active students of Guro Mark by enrolling in his regular weekly Zoom classes. 


Zoom Classes begin Monday, June 7th 2021, at 6:00pm PST.

I will add more classes as we move forward. 

– Guro Mark


Participation Guidelines for live Zoom Classes

Note: Guro Mark will be recording every Zoom Class.

Before Class:

  • Make sure you have a functioning webcam and microphone.

  • Join the class before the start time and test your microphone and webcam.

    • Guro Mark will share the Zoom session link with you.

  • Practice speaking to the camera and not to the screen.

  • Dress appropiately.

During Class:

  • MUTE your microphone when you are not talking.

  • Use CHAT to communicate technical issues or ask questions. Remember that written messages can read differently than if they were said orally. Keep this in mind while writing responses and questions. Also keep in mind that messages written in the chat window are saved automatically. Be mindful of what you write and share.

  • There should be limited outside distractions during Zoom classes (i.e., there should not be other people or animals around you, or anything too distracting on the walls). SILENCE YOUR PHONE. All background noise should be kept to a minimum (i.e., TV sound, radios, dogs barking, etc.). Try to be in a quiet environment. If necessary, you may be asked to temporarily leave the class until all distractions in your environment have been addressed.

  • No screen shots or pictures are to be taken during a Zoom class session without permission.

  • When you have a question or something you'd like to say, you can use the raise hand function located in the Participant Panel.

  • Deliberately disrupting the class or being blatantly disrespectful to Guro Mark or anyone in the class will result in you being removed and permanently banned.

  • Sharing the Zoom class session link with anyone who has not themselves registered and paid to be a student will result in both people being removed and permanently banned.

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